Woot! Better Blog!

I’ve moved off of blogger now.

I like the interface for wordpress better. It’s more expansive and I feel like I have more room to learn and grow here, though I am tempted to start a site for my own work one day. Right now, though, I think this is fine.

Anyway, if you’re new here, you might want to read “A Song Worth Singing” on the top right of the page. It should clear up exactly what this is. Then you can go and read a short description of the characters if you’d so like, or just jump right in. This is a pretty deep story after all (naturally, I like self-lipservice¬†XP), even though I’m not it’s original¬†author, I’ve definitely taken a good deal of artistic liberty, so…

I think that’s the biggest thing I want you to get out of this is enjoyment (and maybe a few good morals along the way), so don’t get lost, and have fun!


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